Revolution VI: Styrene Nacho

I’ve been working on my incredibly stupid plan to organize my tools by boxing them by type and hanging them on the wall, so I got a bunch of the littler, non-folding Trusco toolboxes. The only problem is that they don’t have divider options like the bigger ones to. The solution is 1mm styrene sheets! […]

Gränsfors or Hultafors?

I occasionally see people on forums wondering whether Gränsfors or Hultafors Classic axes are better, but the replies are always “I heard this, my uncle said that”, and never “I have both, here is a picture”. Anyway, I have (more than one of) both, here is a picture. Gränsfors is a little better. However, the […]

The Stevedore’s Common Wedge Kit

This was a fun little project. I’ve always wanted a nice wooden toolbox. More-so recently, because the plastic Craftsman one I got in 2006 has started offgassing a very distinct odor that’s like a stoat drank a lot of sasparilla, peed, then died and began to rot. Unfortunately, nice wooden toolboxes are very expensive. Seems […]