Soichiro’s Own

The last stop on my “Royalex solo canoe” saga: a signs dot com order to which my entire life was leading up.


Eyyyy, finally managed to find a Royalex solo canoe. I’m not in love with the color, but this thing was made in Florida in 1996; the color strikes me as very honest to 1990s Florida.

(Dirty backyard because California is on fire and I didn’t want to sweep!)

I’ve been hunting for an Old Town Pack for like two years, but they’re pretty hard to find in California. This is really more kayak country. Anyhow, the Solo 13 compares pretty well to the Pack, so I’m just gonna learn to love the ’90s Taco Bell color and add some purple to lean into it.


Prawn City

Working from home’s not so bad; you can make sangria in the terlet. Of course, it’s shank-or-be-shanked.




I thought everything was okay, but jeeze.

Argon Argon

ain’t no songs with long intros in this playlist


There’s only one camping spot down here and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let some punk-ass Dutchman grab it.

Magnetic Frungle-Trans

I, uh… I have a problem. Ten cars was bad enough but now there’s trucks.

Food Stuffs

Getting very close to 200k now. Good lil’ fella.

The Florp Sort of Shmorp


EnTirely Predictable

Q that I wasn’t sure about: Do LT225/75R16 Geolandar G015s fit a Honda Element without rubbing?

A: Yes, fortunately. The LT designation and resulting very thick sidewalls change the diameter somewhat, but not enough to make them not fit.