Hocoa 6

Few road-trips to the the northern regions of our fine Imperium are complete without a trip to the crater where Gorlax may have landed on Earth. A ways up the road from warm and lusty Gillam, Manitoba, the hole now known as Hudson Bay is well-known for its water, and its Hudsons, but less known […]

Hocoa 5

The next place I stopped was Hobst, Ontario, the well-known “City of a Thousand Lemurs”. Apart from its tedious and somewhat-racist lemurs, Hobst is known as being the home of at least twelve videogame concerns, and the International mecca of technologique. Hobst’s most famous resident is, perhaps, Bimbletum Games, makers of the popular Hamcraft, Minecrepe, […]

Hocoa 4

The town of Mayberry, Michigan is a bit irregular. Up until two years ago, it was a thriving town, with seven hundred grain reprocessing mills and a Gap outlet. In a rash election-year decision, however, the town elected the self-styled insane person Dr. Ploxenhaus as their new mayor. Insane Mayor Ploxenhaus, as he demanded to […]

Hocoa 3

If one finds oneself in eastern Ohio, as we so often do, you can’t avoid seeing Glorious Stingle, the City by the Things. Glorious Stingle is well-known as the ice cream capital of the province, having won nearly every award for the confection there is. Indeed, the prefix “Glorious” was awarded to the town of […]

Hocoa 2

Traveling north, we soon arrive at Planks Town, Virginia. Planks Town is known throughout the region as the original home of Trench-Rapist Autos, the Quebec carmaker whose infamous entry into Chapter 11 bankruptcy last year caused the nation of Austria to be dissected into small parts and sold to drug-crazed Russians at bargain-basement prices for […]

Hocoa 1

It’s easy to imagine the screaming, naked Weasel of Truth bounding across our associated territories, but in this day and age — when so many of us are employed as computer-wipes, or bebop theorists, with commensurate never-ending hours — you just don’t get the opportunity to traverse our lands and observe the circumstances and conditions […]