Zodiac Boat

Now that the Bureau of Reclamation has opened Berryessa, I’d kinda forgotten just how sticky some of the mud there is. Got Small Island all to ourselves, though!

It’s a Gas

I’ll be the first to admit that T-Max and a Canonet aren’t A+ for this sort of thing, but the trails that I haven’t been to a kajillion times were inaccessible for various reasons, so I didn’t want to bring the Fuji again…

Transitory Pants Co.

The early snow was a mild surprise, but in general it’s cooling down quickly now. I should invest in one-a them warm hats.

Blumbus 57

Yeah yeah, I know, fenders sitting there are just as bad as down. meh.

The Neutron Grandma Rides Again

It’s like they say; to become an entire pumpkin, you must first eat the entire pumpkin — but the stem’ll kill ya. Wise words from a convicted soup magnate.

Chump Donks Ltd.

Regency Dumps

A technically acceptable weekend!

Humbus, the 52nd Week


Popplio: Still the Best

Love them JPEG skies, I tell ya what.

Uniwurst, A Greater Opera

Sound of Munchling IV: Satan Wibbles

I was pretty jazzed by the state of Loch Leven Lakes. I’d always wanted to swim out to the islands but never remembered to bring a towel. Now, thanks to our cold but otherwise lame winter, the ice is thick enough to baby-deer it over. It’s a good thing™.

This hike is also neat since you cross the Donner Pass rail tracks, so the odds of seeing extremely long trains with many engines is pretty high. Downside is if you’re on the wrong side of one going up-hill, it’s a wait. Good snack time, though.

Rumbus Interconnected Vanadiennes plc.