Transitory Pants Co.

The early snow was a mild surprise, but in general it’s cooling down quickly now. I should invest in one-a them warm hats.

The Neutron Grandma Rides Again

It’s like they say; to become an entire pumpkin, you must first eat the entire pumpkin — but the stem’ll kill ya. Wise words from a convicted soup magnate.


There’s only one camping spot down here and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let some punk-ass Dutchman grab it.

Chump Donks Ltd.

Regency Dumps

A technically acceptable weekend!

Humbus, the 52nd Week


That Noted Blumbus, Gregoire

Uniwurst, A Greater Opera

Dung: A 4D Opera

Really nice hike. This was Stevens Trail, down to the North Fork of the American River. In the morning, the valley was filled with mist, which burned off by the time I got to the bottom.

Unilisk Smart Windows and Gums

When we first moved here, one of my favorite things about California was the large difference in smell that a small distance in travel can make. Wales has a lot to recommend itself (chiefly, the bacon), but unless you’re in one of the south-east’s more urinique areas, the whole country smells like a similar mix of animals and the sea.  The Coast Range around the Bay has a smell — eucalyptus mixed with burning VC cash? — that’s very evocative.

Hubert Glampsmurtz’s Ugly Babies Plc.

This isn’t the same place, but it’s the same area that was all snowy in the post below. Barely a trace of it now. The area definitely gets snowy in winter, though — the top picture is pointing at the Tahoe rim, and, below it, the Boreal ski place for people who like skiing for some reason.

Porkfry’s Reticulated Dust Nipples, LLC.

Lesson learned after getting surprise-blizzarded in the Sierras: my boots are no longer waterproof. Also, I wish I could hate them to death.