Zodiac Boat

First trip with the new-to-me canoe, now that the Bureau of Reclamation has opened Berryessa. Does a good job, although I’d kinda forgotten just how sticky some of the mud there is. Got Small Island all to ourselves, though!

It’s a Gas

I’ll be the first to admit that T-Max and a Canonet aren’t A+ for this sort of thing, but the trails that I haven’t been to a kajillion times were inaccessible for various reasons, so I didn’t want to bring the Fuji again…


Linux Funtime ThinkPad Refresh Time! This is an X250 that was getting a little tired-out. It’s got an i5-5300U – i.e. it’s not too hopeless, but it just needed a little love. Particularly since the 1366×768 TN panel is truly and irredeemably horrible.