The Neutron Grandma Rides Again

It’s like they say; to become an entire pumpkin, you must first eat the entire pumpkin — but the stem’ll kill ya. Wise words from a convicted soup magnate.


There’s only one camping spot down here and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let some punk-ass Dutchman grab it.

Making a Raspberry Pi downloader box work with a Synology when you’re dumb and impatient

All I wanted was a little box to whom I could upload torrent files that it’d download to my Synology. I know Synologys can do that internally, but I prefer to have a little more control over the downloader. As a dumb and impatient person, putting up with finicky things is rarely done. However, I really wanted this, so since I’d gone through all the trouble to get this stuff working together I thought I’d write it up. I’m not saying it’s the best way, but it’s the simplest working setup I could come up with.

Magnetic Frungle-Trans

I, uh… I have a problem. Ten cars was bad enough but now there’s trucks.

Food Stuffs

Getting very close to 200k now. Good lil’ fella.

The Florp Sort of Shmorp


Revolution VI: Styrene Nacho

I’ve been working on my incredibly stupid plan to organize my tools by boxing them by type and hanging them on the wall, so I got a bunch of the littler, non-folding Trusco toolboxes. The only problem is that they don’t have divider options like the bigger ones to. The solution is 1mm styrene sheets! These are used in model-making, but they seem sort of under-appreciated for tool storage.

Sizing for the main business.
Cut & notch.
Okay to start off with. A little felt to stop the Dremel rattling.
Look, I don’t have a drill press, okay? I spent all my money on toolboxes. Well, I actually do have a thingy that holds rotary tools vertically, but it’s flimsy enough that just holding my drill did a better job.
Bits to cover the horribleness.
Pretty good start, but the top is ugly.
A little bit of square tubing cleans it up.
Last touch: so, when you use a Dremel, or at least when I use a Dremel, I usually want one of two bits. So: two strong magnets and some scrap wood…
And bam! A little quick-access dealie. The lid has enough crown that the cutting wheel fits.
All done.

I get my styrene from Evergreen Scale Models, since they have the fun box sections and so on. All you need are the sheets, an adhesive like Weld-On 3, a little brush, and an X-acto knife. I make them pretty snug, then secure them lightly with just a bit of Super Glue, so that they’re easy to rip out.

Works great for chisels, too. 2mm styrene might be the way to go; I used 1mm since it’s easy to work with, but as you can see, this one got a little tweak to it.

Chump Donks Ltd.

EnTirely Predictable

Q that I wasn’t sure about: Do LT225/75R16 Geolandar G015s fit a Honda Element without rubbing?

A: Yes, fortunately. The LT designation and resulting very thick sidewalls change the diameter somewhat, but not enough to make them not fit.


You a Fool for This One

Noxious Tim, the Untrustable Vision

Slumpulus BRAAAN