Hoxho’s Amalgamated Kneebone Headlight Polishes

It’s pretty nice to have an actual place to do garagey work — for the first time in ten-or-so years, at least. I still need to bring my bins of metric bolts from my padre’s house, my Dremel stuff and drill chargers/car parts/etc. are still trapped on the other side of the garage until I can afford proper shelving, and I’ll be adding a Hakko soldering station and a scroll saw I’ve had my eye on pretty soon… but eyy, it’s a start.

Edit, two weeks later: Ah, there we go:

The Stevedore’s Common Wedge Kit

This was a fun little project. I’ve always wanted a nice wooden toolbox. More-so recently, because the plastic Craftsman one I got in 2006 has started offgassing a very distinct odor that’s like a stoat drank a lot of sasparilla, peed, then died and began to rot. Unfortunately, nice wooden toolboxes are very expensive. Seems like it’s new Gerstner, old Gerstner, fake Chinese Gerstner, and “other”. So I went with “other”, and found this Neslein one for a good price. Good quality — box joints and all — but it needed a little work. A few of the drawers needed a little glue at the back, and all the liners were pretty nasty. So I did some gluing, and some re-lining, and now it’s pretty nice. I was gonna re-do the finish in a moisture-cure urethane, but after giving it a good clean I think I’m okay with how it looks. All I guess I’ll do is fill those holes on the front, and clean up all the external metal bits. Worked out well — good stuff for not too much money. Holds all ma’ chisels. Here’s a little gallery.


This has been a very trying time for my productivity. On Saturday I went from no TV to a TV, and no GTA V to some GTA V, and then that same afternoon copies of Pokémon X and Y came for R. Monkeys and myself. It’s even worse than last year, when I happened to finish building the Mac Pro/W3680/GeForce 670 right when the Steam Summer Sale started.

My manservant, Milosz, has been tasked with impersonating me for the next couple of weeks at all sporting events, international grands prix, employment-related mandatory attendance sessions, and monster recognition trainings. Covering for me at all factory openings, rhythm and blues revues, police academy graduation ceremonies, and wrestling events will be Marky “Fortran” Al-Tawehi, former body double of Angela Merkel and current Duke of Pepsi Presents Unified Silesia. Lastly, all ship christenings, declarations of martial law, and International Criminal Court hearings will be attended by a talking labrador who I have trained to stand on its hind feet. I appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.


My Machine for Queen was a great success. It made it through the whole “Live at Wembley Stadium”, until the foam around the left Advent’s woofer dissolved right at the end of “God Save the Queen”. I commend the speaker for sacrificing its own integrity to sell the bit.

(The left Advent still had its original foam; I re-foamed the right one about five years ago after it dissolved due to vibrations in a U-Haul. It’s only about $20 for everything you need to do the job.)