The Stevedore’s Common Wedge Kit

This was a fun little project. I’ve always wanted a nice wooden toolbox. More-so recently, because the plastic Craftsman one I got in 2006 has started offgassing a very distinct odor that’s like a stoat drank a lot of sasparilla, peed, then died and began to rot. Unfortunately, nice wooden toolboxes are very expensive. Seems […]


This has been a very trying time for my productivity. On Saturday I went from no TV to a TV, and no GTA V to some GTA V, and then that same afternoon copies of Pokémon X and Y came for R. Monkeys and myself. It’s even worse than last year, when I happened to […]


My Machine for Queen was a great success. It made it through the whole “Live at Wembley Stadium”, until the foam around the left Advent’s woofer dissolved right at the end of “God Save the Queen”. I commend the speaker for sacrificing its own integrity to sell the bit. (The left Advent still had its […]