The Stevedore’s Common Wedge Kit

This was a fun little project. I’ve always wanted a nice wooden toolbox. More-so recently, because the plastic Craftsman one I got in 2006 has started offgassing a very distinct odor that’s like a stoat drank a lot of sasparilla, peed, then died and began to rot. Unfortunately, nice wooden toolboxes are very expensive. Seems like it’s new Gerstner, old Gerstner, fake Chinese Gerstner, and “other”. So I went with “other”, and found this Neslein one for a good price. Good quality — box joints and all — but it needed a little work. A few of the drawers needed a little glue at the back, and all the liners were pretty nasty. So I did some gluing, and some re-lining, and now it’s pretty nice. I was gonna re-do the finish in a moisture-cure urethane, but after giving it a good clean I think I’m okay with how it looks. All I guess I’ll do is fill those holes on the front, and clean up all the external metal bits. Worked out well — good stuff for not too much money. Holds all ma’ chisels. Here’s a little gallery.