I’m making an iPad game in the style of a SNES RPG, and there’s a part where the player has to spend some time in a sort of abandoned Detroit-y place and go find something in a factory. So I had to make a background track for that, and this cover seemed to come out well…

Then I got bored and made a Rock Lobster one.

Then I put them here and gave them lame names. I know it’s sort of a cliché, but I like doing that too much. After hours and hours of fussing with my keyboard, it’s nice to have a stupid naming formula to adhere to.

Samlibar H. Wagers

I was playing games, and R. Monkeys OBE bet me that a chiptune version of Bohemian Rhapsody was uncreatable; such beeps are inadequate, tonally-speaking. The result of that wager!:

Such beeps are, indeed, partially-inadequate. The middle of the song is a little thin because I found that if I copied it exactly, the result was really atonal. Which might be a limitation of the sound libraries I am using, because shifting it didn’t help.