Hubert Glampsmurtz’s Ugly Babies Plc.

This isn’t the same place, but it’s the same area that was all snowy in the post below. Barely a trace of it now. The area definitely gets snowy in winter, though — the top picture is pointing at the Tahoe rim, and, below it, the Boreal ski place for people who like skiing for some reason.


I tell ya, nothing beats waking up at 5 in the morning and taking a left at the wrong fork. On the plus side, it only took me an hour to realize ? Still nice, though.

Good King Blorxehopsleplorp

Well, that was kind of a bust. I got a new camera and went to go test it on a hike. Took a long time to get there, trails were closed, then it started raining heavily. But driving around the hills in the rain is nice.