New Loff

I forgot to ramble about how much I like the 3DS XL.

I bought the original 3DS when it first came out, but sold it pretty soon thereafter, since there weren’t very many games. There’s been a lot of 3DS games out since then, though, and most particularly, there was a new Animal Crossing. So I had to buy the Animal Crossing 3DS XL. It’s every bit as great an object as the 3DS was an iffy one, and the software library is amazing now. It became my favorite way to play games very quickly. And it fits in my bag with all the other preposterous little objects, too.

I’ve become spoiled by high-DPI displays, though, so the screen seems a little bit rudimentary. But, that’s the way it is. Given that the original 3DS is still a thing and still needs to run the software, it wouldn’t be very practical to change the resolution. Anyway, it’s not a big deal.

R. Monkeys didn’t think she’d like Animal Crossing, but it turns out that Animal Crossing was made specifically for her. Taking turns and having one town is no fun, so there was really only one choice…