Codex Saumarez

I will tell you two stories of El Generalissimo Ernesto R. “Mad Dog” Saumarez, Uniter of the Americas and Guardian of the Red Shield.

Antarctica was originally connected to South America by a wide land bridge, which was used by Perjtak, King of the Southern Seals, as a smuggling route. Perjtak’s influence began to spread northwards, and El Heneral Saumarez (who was, at that time, merely Guardian of The Chiles and The Tamer of Brazilia) took note. He knew he could not mount an attack on Perjtak’s citadel at the South Pole, as there was not a man in Saumarez’s army who was his equal, and temperatures at that time regularly reached Absolute Zero. “The world, she betrays me!” Saumarez thought to himself.

The situation grew more and more annoying. “The world betrays me,” said Saumarez, “but I may shape the world!” He walked south, towering over the mountains, crashing through the fields, and came to a place where the world began to grow more ugly, more… Antarctic-ey. “This is where the world ends,” Saumarez declared. He pulled out his Police Special and shot the ground, once. That hole began to erode more and more, and the waves crashed in as the ground subsided. Within a week, there was a fiendish ocean where the land bridge once was, and Perjtak was cut off from civilization. The end of the Southern Americas is now called “Tierra del Fuego,” in tribute to the power of Saumarez.

Things were peaceful. Then, two years later, while on patrol, Saumarez spied a Septapus cruising at 12,000 feet. He engaged it, and the Septapus banked to attack. Septapus attacks are heavily traditionalized, as noted by P. Q. Rellbudine OBE in his book “Dogfighting Practices of the Tentacled Ones.” They will make head-on approaches to maximize closing speed, then—just as their adversary passes them—they will vent their forward gas bladders to equalize speed and expel their deadly aft ink. The ideal human defense is “THE KRUGER TWIST,” where one engages the tentaculo in its preferred head-on position, but flies inverted. As the pass occurs and the tentaculo vents its gas bladders, one makes an inverted loop. This puts the fast part of a loop first (as opposed to a non-inverted loop), and the slow, climbing portion brings one’s guns to bear on the octopus as it reorients to confirm its kill.

El Heneral knew this. He flew straight at the Septapus, .50-caliber machine guns blazing, but steered right at the Septapus’s oncoming purple dome. He ejected as the two were five feet away going a combined 2400 KM/h, and floated down to Saumarez-Sud Airbase, where his martini awaited him. “El Heneral, why did you not just perform THE KRUGER TWIST, and make another pass?” his crew chief and tertiary beatbox asked. “Wladimir. Cowards make two passes. I make one pass. I am Saumarez,” Saumarez said, and took a nap.

Hail Saumarez! May his chronicles never end!

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Job Hunting


– Force-fed Warren Harding live ferrets and wombats until Harding exploded in a shower of nickels and quarters.
– Kidnapped novelist Virginia Woolf using a time-exposure suit designed by novelist Emily Brontë.

– Built the world’s first intra-thoracic model railway whilst moonlighting as an intensive care surgeon.
– Fired by the Oregon-Northwest Steam-Rail Company for using the telegraph to repeatedly broadcast “WENIS (STOP) OR WENUS??(STOP)” for over 36 consecutive hours.

– Sponsored an expedition to the lost city of Whanoctlatolepec after reading about it in a copy of “Boys’ Own Adventures.”
– Failed to secure a Papal pardon, despite all efforts.

– Produced in a factory that processes peanuts.
– Performed eye surgery only once, on Raul Castro.

– Dabbled in international finance, but was fired due to anti-cloneism.
– Is legally prohibited from unfolding in time and the Z-axis.
– Arrested for wantonly disseminating information on and relating to the proper maintenance of a vagina without the proper authorization or knowledge.
A valued member of this organization, perhaps?

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Records of the Canadian Government

[…] and, on this matter, we cite the Procedures of Governance in Canada (Procédures de la gouvernance au Canada) Page 29, sub-section Delta Omicron: “The appropriate function of the Governor-Governor General-General is well-documented. As HRH Queen Elizabeth is full of helium and is thus able to fly, the office of Governor-Governor General-General (Gouverneur-Gouverneur Général-Général) was established so that, when Her Imperiousness visits these so defined Canadas, there might be someone appointed by the government to hold the rope which anchors her to the earth. If she is not thusly anchored, we risk her gaining altitude and seeing exactly how large Canada is.”

With that in mind, we, the elected representatives of the Partido Verde British Colombiano, hereby charge Governor-Governor General-General Michaelle “Mad Dog” Jean with being unable to carry out the duties to which she was so ceremoniously appointed. On the July tour of Canada, Ms. Jean was observed struggling to anchor Queen Elizabeth to the earth—she was being lifted off the ground. Ms. Jean does not have, and is apparently incapable of gaining, the physical weight necessary to counter the aerial buoyancy of the Queen. Therefore, we contest her appointment, and demand she be replaced with somebody more weighty.

So endeth the notes of Argula Blastfontein, Ninth Stenographer of the Canadian Presidium (Présidium Canadienne).


“We must fight Gorlax” – Bob Lutz

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H. Pinchsnapper’s Automotive Quarterly – Speaking to assembled press, GM whatever-he-is Bob “Mad Dog” Lutz acknowledged the presence of Gorlax, the hideous monster from parts unknown, and stressed the importance of finding and destroying him. “For too long, Gorlax has had free reign over our manufacturing centers, cities, and hemisphere,” Lutz stated. “To stop Gorlax will require the largest force humanity has yet assembled, big enough that you nancy-boy reporters cannot even conceive of it’s might. We will find the home of Gorlax—we will annihilate where he sleeps, we will annihilate where his children sleep, and we will annihilate Toyota City—the fuckers!”

Gorlax, through his publicists, responded that he “seeks only to assault,” and “is friend to all hu-mon with no holes.” The monster, of hideousness not before seen by human eyes, has been rampaging around the American mid-west for some time now, having come down from Canada in late May. “We thought he was just following Phish around,” said a Border Protection officer who did not wish to be named, “We did not know he was perversion made manifest.” Current efforts to stop Gorlax have failed, as he is impervious to all weapons, conventional or nuclear. “We’ve tried everything,” the Department of Defense claimed in a prepared statement. “The latest in airborne munitions haven’t worked so far. Predators, with their Hellfire missiles? No. AC-130s? No. JDAMs? No! The Neucleonic Chumbuster? Even if I did make it up, it didn’t work.”

Lutz declined to describe his plans to defeat Gorlax in detail. “Listen, you commie runt, I got a B-52, 60,000 pounds of munitions, one forty-five caliber automatic, four days’ concentrated emergency rations, one miniature combination Russian phrasebook and Bible, one hundred dollars in Rubles, one hundred dollars in gold, one issue of prophylactics, and three pair of nylon stockings, and if those things don’t find themselves upside Gorlax’s head, they’re gonna find themselves upside yours, God-dammit.” Lutz has previously saved the world from three beasts from the abyss, having destroyed Nucrelix, Bob Dole, and The Ultramagnet.

Gorlax’s rampage continues; having destroyed Detroit, he now heads for the Twin Cities, which are in Minnesota or some place like that. Lutz’s private air force is based out of Las Vegas, NV, so it’s hoped that he will have time to assemble his strike team before Gorlax incinerates the continent.


Portuguese Theatre Revue – PEORIA—Dearest God-King Mad Dog was presumed slain today by Gorlax the All-Biter at 4:03 AM, Imperial Saskatchewan time. Lutz’s B-52, “Daffodil,” was found upside Gorlax’s face with an empty cabin. Rescuers scoured the barren lands for several hours, but found only a torn pair of nylons and one of Lutz’s ivory-handled revolvers. Lutz is presumed to inhabit one of Gorlax’s innumerable colons, from which escape is unlikely and digestion is constant. We are left to hope that Bob “Mad Dog” Lutz will return, some day, when humanity is more deserving of his presence.

Stasi Annual Newsletter – Speaking to the assembled press, re-animated Chinese premier Hu “Geronimo” Jintao declared a day of national remembrance in honor of Bob “Mad Dog” Lutz, recently-departed GM whatever-he-was. “Lutz was as hungry for revenge as I am for Taiwan,” said Hu, “but I will carry the spirit of his iron jaw in my heart.” Lutz and Hu were no fans of each other, with Lutz famously mentioning that “On a scale of one to America, I will hit Jintao in the hojos with a nine-iron,” but their relations had normalized when Hu and Lutz signed a memorandum of understanding to fire Japan into the sun.

Hambyong Worker’s Gazette – Canadian Governor-Governor General-General Al Gore opened the Pepsi Canadian Football Canadian World Series with a touching (if decidedly worse than Dearest Comrade Kim Jong-Un’s) bagpipe solo in honor of presumably-deceased world emperor Bob “미친개” Lutz, capping off a nationwide series of depressing musical embarrassments. “This one goes out to Mad Dog,” the imperialist scum wept, as his disgusting Western instrument honked into the night. Over 30,000 Canadians were reported to have existed at the time.

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Ryugyong Int’l Motor Expo: Voss Nose unveils Plesiopheonix-XX, world’s first car with peasant filter.

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Sex Farm Woman Herald-Tribune – 2010 Ryugyong International Motoring Expo: Speaking via saucy hologram, Voss Nose CEO and former Japanese Prime Minister Tsutomu Hata unveiled the Plesiopheonix-XX, a new sporting coupé with environmental credentials lacking from previous Voss Noses. Pairing the company’s Itchy Emperor platform with the wrought-iron V20 “Superthorax” motor, the Plesiopheonix represents a new econo-pervert direction for the company.

“At first, I wasn’t sure where I was,” Hata noted, “and then I realized I was at the motor show. Hello, lady. We’re very excited by the Plesiopheonix’s new technology. Commonly, when driving through urban, rural, or terrestrial areas, one’s motoring carriage will suck up a lot of peasants, which can really gum up the engine after a few thousand miles. That’s bad for milage. What we do is install a special filter in the intakes that uses combined layers of cable TV, compelling retail outlets, and public schools to trap any peasants that might enter the engine bay. It then puts them to work on internal improvements to each Plesiopheonix. This represents an exciting new frontier in enviro-conscious motoring; the more peasants you can trap inside your engine bay, the nicer your Plesiopheonix will become.”

Hata did not respond to charges that the 84-foot Plesiopheonix-XX was simply the latest in his series of attempts to impress actress Catalina Sandino “Mad Dog” Moreno, instead pointing out the car’s other features, including neural network turn signals and rear braking array composed of 96,000 drum brakes. Voss Nose plans to offer the Plesiopheonix beginning in Q2 ’12, with prices starting at 144 billion yuan.

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Ryugyong Int’l Motor Expo: Hyodong unveils Semiplus GLX, a new version of the car that nobody loved.

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Grandmaster Flash Shimbun – 2010 Ryugyong International Motoring Expo: Speaking at an after-hours Shriner’s meeting whilst wearing a saucy leotard, Hyodong chairwoman Jeong-Ah “Mad Dog” Cheon unveiled the new GLX option package for the company’s flagship Semiplus sedan, a car which has failed to gain mention of any sort, anywhere.

“Over two out of every ninety million Westerners are aware that the Semiplus exists,” Cheon stated, “and the new GLX is sure to please that existing fanbase by providing the features our customer desires, at a price he can afford.” The GLX now includes features like power brakes, laminated glass, and rear-window defroster, previously only found in the Semiplus GLS, GLK, DL, and DLX. Additionally, the Semiplus comes in colors like Bright Sepia, Reflective Green, and Mustache. Chairwoman Cheon expressed hopes that the GLX would expand the Semiplus’ owner demographics into “exciting new areas.”

The company’s current demographic, a 46 year-old white male from Sioux City, IA named Ron, reported mixed feelings to the news. “My wife mentioned seeing an article that says Korean cars are good now,” Ron said, “so I got this one. I couldn’t afford one from South Korea. So you said there’s a new one?” The Semiplus that Ron owns, the GLT, continues to be sold.

Response in the motoring press was similarly absent. “The what? I don’t get it,” commented hirsute journalist Wladyslaw “Mad Dog” Orlicz, while CAR Magazine editor Graehaemee “Mad Dog” Waxlips insisted that we leave his skybox.

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Ryugyong Int’l Motor Expo: Mercedes chief Zetsche and former Japanese Prime Minister Tsutomu Hata declare Beatbox War “over.”

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Portiscule Motoring Gazette – 2010 Ryugyong International Motoring Expo: In a joint announcement, Daimler AG chairman Dieter Zetsche and former Japanese Prime Minister Tsutomu “Mad Dog” Hata announced an end to the Beatbox War, fought between the West German carmaker and Hata’s own Voss Nose Motoring Concern, with Mercedes-Benz accepting responsibility for hostilities and paying reparations to Voss Nose. The war started in 2003, when then-chairman of Daimler Jürgen Schrempp implied that Hata was the world’s least-fly emcee, with the first blood being shed when Hata drove a Voss Nose Mossburster through Mercedes’ Sindelfingen factory at over 3,000 mph, killing millions.

“I, now, state in the firmest possible terms that Hata Tsutomu, Nintoku Tennō, possesses untold skill on the mic’,” Zetsche began. “The acts of aggression perpetrated by my predecessor were unfortunate; indeed, we may not allow such things to happen again. Beyond that, however, we must accept that disputing the preeminence of Hata evidences hubris beyond measure; irrespective of the fact that he put the nose of a Chrysler 300C in my bed, my predecessor should have known better.”

Investor response to the news was mixed. “On the one hand, Voss Nose continues to sell cars at a record rate of over nine per year, at a profit of six billion dollars per unit,” extruded Konrad “Mad Dog” Zuse. “On the other hand, the tributes they were taking from conquered lands was equal to that, if not more; we’re going to need to see their sales numbers double to make up the shortfall.” Voss Nose shares rocketed up 144% in late trading, in fear of Tsutomu Hata’s iron fists.

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Ryugyong Motor Show: Stanislaus unveils world’s first “hostel car.”

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Ugly Babies Gazette Ryugyong International Motoring Expo: Stanislaus Motoring unveiled the Roomadero 88, the world’s first cost-saving “hostel car,” in a special presentation earlier today. With two stories, a shared bathroom, and a “suspect” kitchen, the Roomadero 88 will utilize the cost-saving principle of the hostel to lower the entry cost for buyers, claims Stanislaus CEO Bob “Mad Dog” Ssssanchez. “It’s great,” said Ssssanchez, “We can leverage different cost-saving opportunities in each area the Roomadero 88 will be sold in. In most North American markets, the Roomadero will come equipped with German backpackers who can and will tell you what’s wrong with the US. Meanwhile, the Western European-market Roomadero will feature Americans who are just in the car to “Y’know, find themselves or whatever. Really get in touch with some stuff, I guess.” In both cases, we pass the savings on to the consumer. Sometimes the German won’t get out of your seat. It’s great.”

Industry insiders present at the event were less impressed. “I appreciate that getting a modern, comfortable car to market at a competitive price is incredibly important in these economic conditions,” wheezed Lambert “Mad Dog” Meertens of former automaker-turned-charnel house Chrysler, “But having a permanent unruly visitor in one’s car might be an unlivable proposition for consumers. While driving the CARB-spec press model today, my Japanese tenant kept asking me if the Golden Gate Bridge was nearby. I can’t see this catching on.”

Despite any possible issues, Stanislaus representatives say that they plan to launch the Roomadero 88 by the end of the year, citing a need to “move on” after the failure of the Stanislaus Newtly, the world’s first land-hydrofoil.

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Ryugyong Motor Show: VW insiders can’t tell what Ferdinand Piëch still does there, fear him anyway.

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STYLE CROATIA ZZNAZ MAGAZINE OF MONTH – Ryugyong International Motoring Expo: Despite Volkswagen’s onslaught of concept cars at this year’s RIME, VW insiders claim that the marque’s slate of upcoming vehicles is bare. While concerns over tooling and marketing costs in the ongoing recession are partly to blame, our sources claim it’s mostly because the ongoing presence of former CEO Ferdinand Piëch in VW HQ has ceaselessly bewildered staffers, unsure of how much power he wields over them or what his actual function is there.

“I can’t figure out what he does here anymore, but he’s always hovering around the studio,” claimed designer Aristides “Mad Dog” Brezina, who wished to remain anonymous. “Sometimes I’ll be working, and Piëch will suddenly emerge from my desk drawer.” Others at Volkswagen share similar concerns. Said Tatyana “Mad Dog” Ehrenfest, “[Piëch] won’t stop IMing me. He will not stop. I asked him to stop, and he said that he is not Piëch, and also that he is watching me. I do not want my children to be motherless, so I pretend to work harder, and then cry.”

VW’s public relations department noted that, while Martin Winterkorn is officially the Chairman and CEO of Volkswagen AG, Piëch “retains an indeterminate amount of control. He won’t leave, but—will we be fired for saying this? It is unclear. Even Winterkorn does not know. Oh God, there’s Piëch.” VW AG shares gained traction in early trading today, for mysterious reasons.

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Ryugyong Motor Show: Bob Lutz briefly mentions Voltec platform, “dares you to say that to his face.”

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World Bananadon Monthly – Ryugyong International Motoring Expo: Speaking to the press at the General Motors press conference, Vice Chairman Bob Lutz introduced the exciting opportunities that GM’s forthcoming Voltec platform presents for three minutes, and then demonstrated his power by tearing up the podium and throwing it at “those French pansies” manning the nearby Aston Martin booth. Fielding questions from reporters on the series hybrid architecture, Lutz noted that AP automotive correspondent Henry Crun should “just get up here and try saying that to my face,” before taking off his shirt and ending the press conference.

Lutz’s behavior confused industry analysts, in light of GM President and CEO Fritz Henderson’s recent departure. “We had assumed that Henderson’s departure was due to board pressure, particularly from chair Ed Whitacre,” said Brian “Mad Dog” Kernighan, of investment firm Int, Argc, & Char, “but according to the graffiti left by Lutz on the side of Ford World Headquarters, Henderson left because he was, and I quote, a “pansy midget chump,” who lived in fear of Lutz’s “iron fists.” Lutz’s actions at the Ryugyong show today support this.”

General Motors representatives could not be reached for comment on either matter, until Lutz drove through the wall of our office in a 2010 Cadillac CTS-V and demanded to know if any of us “little Chinamen” thought we could “take him.”