I don’t know why I made this or why it’s been sitting on my hard drive for almost ten years, but I do know that I’m way more excited for that new Space Jam movie than I was before.

New Year’s Higher Resolutions

For some reason I couldn’t really find any good-quality pictures of the greatest console mascot, Mr. T from the FM Towns Marty, on the internet. EvenĀ Bonk is available in higher resomolutions, which is a disgusting miscarriage of justice. So anyway, I was bored and decided to just draw Mr. T in the quality which he is deserving of, which I am not actually capable of but whatever.

Here is a PSD so you can bop away the background and have a nice day.

The Flyin’ Blorkzmips

It’s taken me a while to realize that my go-to stress response is “organize tea”. I had to learn from R. Monkeys mocking me for being a British stereotype. I thought it was an offensive generalization, but it does also explain my other stress response, to forment a needless war between the princely states of Chhattisgarh then impose unequal treaties when all sides are at their weakest. It’s a real Monday pick-me-up.

Formal Tea Review Time: (marquee tags go here)

Serendipitea has some really good teas (Mandela Masala might just be my favorite), but Buccaneer is not one of them. It’s sort of a novelty tea, and (somewhat inscrutably) manages to be cloying without actually being sweet. It’s less “boning one’s inamorata on the deck of a purloined frigate whilst a full moon blazes overhead” and more “getting locked inside a bouncy-castle shaped like a galleon while a guy named Chad sits outside and throws nickels at you”. It tastes like a couple of A Quarter To Tea’s sillier “dessertey” teas. I guess maybe they’re an acquired taste, but anyone who acquires them is a craven Stalinist non-tipper.


Eyy, I unearthed my first real camera. I used this, then switched to a Rolleiflex SL 35 M, then that stopped advancing properly, and then good digital SLRs became a thing.

The Contaflex is really nice, but is sort of weird in that you can’t actually see through the viewfinder until it’s cocked, but it’s bad for it to leave it like that. Focusing is also done with little nubs around the lens, rather than a ring. Still great to use, though.