Half Past Zero Dark Thirty

00:15: LadaNivaGTI: i must go, low petrol for generator
*** LadaNivaGTI Quit (Quit: )
00:17: xxUmarov4Life420xx: ok buddy
01:42: xxUmarov4Life420xx: brothers, do you know what song is good?
01:42: xxUmarov4Life420xx: song of kelly son of clark, “stronger”, this is good
01:43: xxUmarov4Life420xx: blasphemous of course
*** vladimirpuddin sets mode: +b xxUmarov4Life420xx
*** xxUmarov4Life420xx was kicked from #freechechnya by vladimirpuddin (enough talk of kelly son of clark)

Late night Chechen ultranationalist IRC is probably “the bomb”.