Fun little weekend project. We picked up a Game Boy Advance SP, since it’s the best way to play Game Boy Color games (you can put the Advance SP AGS-101’s backlit screen in a regular advance, but I dig the folding. Beats a frontlit GBC, too.). R. Monkeys’ 3DS XL is a pink over white model, so I decided to make the Advance SP match her XL.

Pretty simple stuff; I picked up a new shell (direct from whatever Hangzhou factory is still cranking them out), and just swapped the bottom case, lid, and hinge covers/rubber bits. I probably should have gotten new pink shell parts, since the Chinese stuff didn’t match up very well with the original Nintendo bits, but apart from that it’s not complex.

Incidentally, a great five-minute mod for a Game Boy Color is to drop in the speaker from an Advance SP. You just nibble away a bit of the GBC’s speaker surround to make room for the new speaker’s contacts tab, then just solder the wires right on and drop it in. Good stuff. Here’s what I mean by “nibble”, and a comparison of the new and old speakers.