Inaccurate MiG Data

I didn’t want to do Danger Zone, because someone already did it better than I could, but I had to do something, or else we’d all look like saps.

On that note, I also need to speak with somebody about why and how that movie only has a 6.8 on IMDB. Die Hard and Terminator 2 have appropriately good ratings, but Top Gun and Robocop/Robocop 2 are way too low. I think maybe it’s just a problem of perspective. I am a normal human, so I think those movies are good. However, maybe some people are communist charlatan primeval monsters — literally lizard-people — so they can’t see that those movies are good. Thor 2 should not have a better rating than Top Gun or Robocop. Thor 2 is to 1987’s Jaws: The Revenge as 1987’s Robocop is to — hell, what’s a good action movie that came out in 2013. I don’t know, I’m done with this. Gonna go pull my head off like one of the prototype Robocops. weeeooo