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Ryugyong Motor Show: Top Voss Nose scientists unveil world’s first chlorine-bodied motoring carriage

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Samlibar News Extrusions – Ryugyong International Motoring Expo: Top men of the Voss Nose Research Lair announced the Three Three Plesiosaur concept motoring carriage, the first in the world to have a body constructed entirely from chlorine gas.

Sir Humphry Davy, the lead Voss Nose researcher behind the project, explained the benefits of the Three Three Plesiosaur. “Well, it has the same V14 Superthorax engine as the regular VN Boomtown Superbeast, but the chlorine body represents a significant step forward. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s not metal,” Davy said, waving his hand through the 3 3 P’s body. “I mean, all of the usual drawbacks that come with the iron we usually use for car bodies? Gone. I mean, look, it’s chlorine. It’s like our slogan says; ‘Voss Nose: The Freshmaker!” Davy responded to doubts about the ability of the Voss Nose chlorine to not kill people by laughing nervously and suggesting we check out the pictures of Miss Neutron, the Voss Nose company pin-up model, in the next exhibit hall.

Executives and pin-up models from Stanislaus and Trench-Rapist, Voss Nose’s chief competitors in the passenger car and big-ass boat markets, declined to comment.